Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not him again!

Welcome to my new series: McVetywatch! I was right -- I've been derelict in my duty of keeping a close eye on this nitwit and now he's breaking out everywhere, like herpes. Here he is yet again, shrieking, swooning and squirting all over the crusty pages of the Calgary Herald that "We don't want to subsidize porn!"
"Opponents of subsidies for pornography face the same arguments given generations ago by defenders of government assistance for tobacco production. If you opposed tobacco subsidies, you were against farmers, against agriculture and probably against any government assistance to weak sectors of the economy."
What is it with these oh-so-tiresome religious crackpots and their idiotic analogies? First fetuses were like slaves, now we've got the puritanical, authoritarian dingbats who oppose free artistic expression being compared to anti-tobacco activists. Are these people completely and totally incapable of making their point on its own merit? Do they have a point and does it even have any merit!? (Okay, easy now hippie, don't get away from yourself here.) *ahem* Let's read on:
"As in the case of tobacco, defenders of porn subsidies use a kind of attempted character assassination in saying that only the religiously minded are against it. One doesn't have to be religious to recognize inanity.

A Compas poll released this past week shows that three-quarters of Canadians oppose subsidies for porn films..."

Hold the phone! "Compas poll"? He can't mean the poll that got a 75% opposed response by asking the impossibly absurd question "Should the government fund child pornography?" He should know better than to cite a poll that only a few days ago got him spanked and ridiculed:

In closing, ridiculous asshole McVety sobs:

"Instead, the free speech of 75 per cent of Canadians is oppressed as we are vilified, accusations of censorship are levelled, and yet no one can give a good reason to allow tax dollars to fund pornography, or to fund films focusing on sex with corpses, or others with memorable names like Young People F---ing and The Masturbators."

Oh, here we go, flavour of the week, the Free fucking Speech canard. You know their argument is weak-to-nonexistent when they trot this one out. Yet you have to be in awe of the kind of psychological gymnastics it must have taken McVety to arrive at the conclusion that his free speech is being oppressed... because he isn't being allowed to oppress the free speech of someone else! Oh well, I'll concede that he showed remarkable restraint in getting almost the entire article barfed out before he finally broke down and said his favourite phrase, "Young People F--ing", but I bet he had to smack his hands a few times to do it.