Monday, April 21, 2008


Whoops! We knew something was afoot when the RCMP raided CPC HQ last week... yeah, nothing weird about the police raiding the governing party's headquarters! Now it looks like... Scandalpalooza!:
"OTTAWA (CBC) - The federal Conservatives are accused of exceeding their campaign spending limit by more than $1 million and making "false and misleading" statements in their financial returns in the last election, Elections Canada says in the warrant for last week's raid on party headquarters.

CBC News and the Canadian Press have obtained a copy of the documents, which were supposed to be released Monday by an Ontario court.

Other media, including the Toronto Star and CTVglobemedia, received the documents in a private briefing from the Conservatives on Sunday in Ottawa, the CBC's Keith Boag reported."

The CPC apparently took funds from ridings that didn't spend up to budget and used them to pad the budgets of other ridings... naughty, naughty! The taxpayers of Red Deer probably don't want to be subsidizing a campaign in Mississauga. (Or wherever.) As if that isn't bad enough, it was obviously done with full knowledge that the procedure was "iffy" at best, and illegal at worst. But falsifying financial returns to hide it shows that they knew it wasn't just wrong, or wronger, but wrongest! and so determinedly tried to cover it up... the CPC cooked their books!! Isn't that a CRIME?

They had to say something about it to the media, so they hand-picked a few media "friendlies" for a secret press conference yesterday. And they went to some pretty wild extremes to avoid talking to anyone else:

"When other media organizations, including the CBC, learned of the meeting, party officials scrambled to avoid them, switching hotels, slamming doors and scampering down fire exits to escape pointed questions from journalists who weren't invited."

Slamming doors? Scampering down fire exits!? Switching hotels!!?? This is starting to sound ominously reminiscent of something that occurred in Washington DC in the 70s.

Dion! Are you awake!? The "Time For An Election" wake-up call is ringing off the hook!