Monday, April 21, 2008

Maher under seige!

After Bill Maher's extremely un-PC but also extremely funny (and extremely true) remarks about the Pope's visit last week, Wingnuttia resounded with the sound of exploding heads. The Catholic League's perpetually-outraged Bill Donohue, who's always up for demanding an apology from someone or other for some slight or other, real or imagined, angrily put Maher back on his shit-list for the umpteenth time. Maher capitulated in his own little way and apologized for calling the Pope a Nazi (hahahahaha!), but went on to point out the cold hard truth that any CEO heading an institution of child molesters would probably be fired.

"Fired!?" thundered the "American Life League", grabbing its collective crotch, "We got yer 'fired' right here, Maher!":

"Bill Maher slanderously attacked the pope and Catholics everywhere, and for that he MUST be fired!
- He lied when he called Pope Benedict XVI a “Nazi.”

- He lied about Pope Benedict coordinating a cover-up."

The campaign to silence Bill Maher has begun with a website set up for the express purpose of getting everyone on board with the Fire Bill Maher! Project. Talk about offensive! Why don't these people know how to design a website? But entertainingly, there's a petition with comments:

Mahers continual crude and ignorant bashing of Catholics is not comedy its hate Either he goes or my subscription goes ("Its" called "punctuation" and "its" really cool; try it sometime.)

Bill Maher is a sick twisted liberal He is evil (If "sick twisted and evil" describes a talk show host, what superlatives describe child sexual abusers and their enablers?)

his words hurt Jesus
(But pedophile priests only hurt little kids, so that's okay.)

Pray for Mr Maher that he be healed and set free in Peace from what wounds him (The gloves are off -- a Full-Scale Prayer Assault!)

Bigotry is not humor or free speech (You might want to remind your cousins in North Wingnuttia of that little factoid.)

Fire Bill Maher for his hate speech (Bigotry for me, but not for thee.)

i could not find anything to compare maher with except to a piece of excrement a living example of a degenetated low life it ("Degenetated"? That's a keeper.)

And finally...

Pray for Bill Maher he is so lost
Aside from punctuation, conspicuously absent amid the outrage and piousness is any comment on the harsh ugly truth of Maher's remarks -- that the Catholic church knowingly enabled vicious pedophile priests to continue abusing children through a systemic cover-up operation. Any institution that engages in something so heinous has permanently lost its right to be outraged about any volley of criticism fired its way.

But never mind that -- helmet on and head down, Bill -- you've got INcoming! And the Coalition of the Swilling is at your service if you need us!