Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Aborting your sex life

Abortion can kill your libido, say the Sex-perts at lifesite:

"In the May 2 instalment of his regular health feature in The Times, Dr. Thomas Stuttaford responded to a reader who complained of a loss of interest in sex following an abortion. "Though my boyfriend and I agreed it was the right thing to do, I feel guilty and I've gone off sex," wrote the questioner. Dr. Stuttaford responded by saying that loss of libido after an abortion is "so common that it can almost be said to be expected"."
Well, no shit Sherlock. It's safe to say that's probably true of any kind of surgery, particularly a procedure that causes post-surgical cramping *down below*. Big deal. In the course of recovery everything gets back to normal, monkey business resumes as regularly scheduled and is as enjoyable as ever. (Those weren't screams of agony echoing up and down my street.) The doctor also points out that "although "nearly all" women suffer feelings of guilt and grief following abortion, the effects usually passed within a month." But wait -- lifesite has a problem with that, so it's into the fetusmobile™ for a ride over to "the Elliot Institute" to find some statistical backup:
"Statistical research by the Elliot Institute shows that, in many cases, the emotional effects of abortion are still discernable eight weeks after an abortion. In one study, two months after their abortions, 44 percent of women complained of nervous disorders, 36 percent had experienced sleep disturbances, 31 percent had regrets about their decision and 11 percent had been prescribed psychotropic medicine by their family doctor." [...]

"The Elliot Institute study showed that thirty to fifty percent of women experience sexual dysfunction, of both short and long duration, beginning immediately after their abortions."
"Long duration", "nervous disorders" and "sexual dysfunction", mymymy, this sounds serious. So does "the Elliot Institute", until Google reveals what it really is:
"The Elliot Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation that was founded in 1988 to perform original research and education on the impact of abortion on women, men, siblings, and society."
Yet another fetus fetishizing organization that puts together bullshit "research" about abortion to give anti-choicers something that looks all nice and statistical to support their outlandish anti-abortion claims. Yawn. Nothing to see here... but just in passing, get a load of the EI's explanation of how the name "Elliot" was chosen:

"Elliot" was literally picked from a baby names book. The personal name was added with the intention of making the name more personalized, yet formal and a bit stuffy - in an academic way. This was done with the hope to make the Institute's name more "friendly," yet plausible and dignified, for the sake of the recipients of our survey forms."

Or should that be "For the sake of fooling the recipients of our survey forms into thinking we're something that we're not"? Gotta hand it to them, though; it isn't often that one of these outfits is honest enough to admit they're nothing but a propaganda machine. And hey, they are flexible, too...

"So, our name is not of any particular significance. We are even willing to change it. So, if you or a rich aunt would like to underwrite our work with a large endowment, we would be glad to change the name to the "Smith Institute", the "Charlie Group," or whatever memorial name you would like! Just let us know."

HAHAHAHAHA! Fetus fetishists: on top of everything else, selling themselves to the highest bidder.