Tuesday, May 06, 2008


HAHAHAHAHA! Someone's got his leopard-skin underoos in a rash-inducing twist.

Today there were harsh words for some of us from the Nexus of Assholery, as an indignant Patrick Ross blew his top, jabbering and screeching like a seagull on speed, and firing a bombardment of epithets our unsuspecting way. "Hateful psychopaths", "crazed extremists" (I think he was looking at you, Mike), and "cowardly shameless hypocrites" were just a few of the expletives unleashed on us from Patrick's inner sanctum at The Nexus. So disturbed was he that he named and quoted chapter and verse all those who'd offended him. The Nexus Dis-honour Roll included Mike, Chimera, Reality Bites, even our little Pedgehog, and as always, the troublemaking trio at Canadian Cynic.


Three guesses: is it Ed Snell, Ed Snell or Ed Snell? Wrong! It's ED SNELLLLLLLLLLL!!!

The Snell Saga, now lumbering into its 5th monotonous month, has obviously traumatized the young Rosshole to the point where he can't let go, continuously gnawing on it like a pitbull on a swinging tire, and it doesn't look like he'll be relaxing his jaws anytime soon. The reason for his obsession is unclear, but one thing is certain:

Ed Snell, we wish Patrick knew how to quit you!!!