Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New cat, maybe

Serendipity! Following my kitty's demise last week, co-workers alerted me that at about the same time, a cat had started hanging around the store. I was immediately taken by this little cat -- unusual for me since I'm not a cat person. She's definitely stray but not feral, very affectionate and friendly, and quite beautiful (for a cat). Since I'm currently catless, I'm thinking about letting her apply for the job as my new feline. Here she is:

Isn't she pretty? But a profile shot reveals something else:

And a from-above shot looks even more hmmmm:

It's a very young cat, but I don't think that's baby fat around her tummy.

However, I have more or less decided to take her in. A co-worker said something about taking up a collection to get her spayed, but obviously that's not an immediate concern. The SPCA will take the kittens, and I can likely find homes for a few myself (hopefully there'll only be a few).

I have experience with dog breeding, but no idea about cats. Do they use whelping boxes? Do they get snarly around their kittens? How soon before kittens can leave home? What do baby kittens eat? Etc.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I am. Help!

UPDATE: Well, she's home. The introduction to her canine co-pet comes later, once she's relaxed a bit. (Although she seems fairly relaxed right now, curled up on my bed.)

BAD DOG UPDATE: The canine/feline introductory phase did not go well. I'm nursing some gouges on my arm, and the dog has been sentenced to 1 night in Administrative Segregation (outside). The cat is in Protective Custody (inside).