Thursday, May 01, 2008

Convo at teh Nexus

From the comments of the Nexus of Assholery's "Good way to get yourself deleted from the Machine Shop blogroll" post...

Patrick neglected to post my previous comment that said (something to the effect of): "Don't be a dickhead! Tell me!!!" Okay, not the most constructive comment in the world, but still -- it was part of the dialogue.

But this brings up another topic that's been top-of-mind with me lately: why do so many conservatives scream about free speech on their blogs while simultaneously moderating, censoring, or not even allowing comments at all? Not that I'm accusing Mr. Ross in particular, since he at least allows (some) comments, but the exchange above just reminded me of that odd little dichotomy.

Add to that the fact that it's exclusively conservatives who support the repugnant Bill C-10, and things start to fall in place. Free speech means "approved" free speech. Ahh, now I get it.