Thursday, May 01, 2008

Start your engines

The odious, excremental, censorious, religious fundamentalist-influenced Bill C-10 is a confidence bill -- well let's go, suckaahhhs!:
"Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is declaring film tax-credit legislation a matter of confidence in the Conservative government, meaning MPs could land on Canadian doorsteps this spring to debate the line between art and pornography.

Mr. Flaherty said the legislation, known as Bill C-10, contains a range of important tax measures and changes will not be tolerated.

"The bill should not be amended," he told reporters yesterday. "A tax bill is a confidence bill. We all know that.""

Election time!!!

And another point of interest -- what happens to all those sneaky and stupid Private Members' bills that are still creeping their way through the legislative process if an election is called?

Let's roll!