Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's the sex-ed and contraception, stupid

Birth Pangs reports that new Statscan data shows abortion is in decline. This is great news -- in spite of what the anti-abortion lobby would have you believe, abortion isn't as casual a decision as wearing heels or flats. Not even for those of us who know from the moment we see the blue line what our course of action will be. So I for one am glad that less women are having to make that choice.

Anti-choicers are understandably anxious to take credit for the decline since it would seem to justify their insistence on keeping their noses firmly stuffed you-know-where, but hello? If anything, the anti-contraception gospel they preach is a mass-abortion waiting to happen. And as Robert points out, the decline occurred without any of the kind of regressive, nanny state abortion laws anti-choicers advocate. Hmm!

The probable reason for the decline is fairly obvious and threefold:
1.) More and better sex education
2.) Easier access to contraception
3.) The economy, stupid: More people are working, more people can afford to have a kid. Yep, it's that simple!

If anti-choicers want to believe the decline is due to a big anti-abortion wave sweeping across the country, who am I to deny them their fantasies? Although the fact that it's happening by choice and not by force of law isn't something I'd want to draw much attention to if I were them. But that's just me!