Monday, May 05, 2008

lifesite: online organ of teh gayagenda?

Okay, before all you pervs start cracking wise about "online organs", just one thing. I was surfing through lifesite looking to mine a little comedy gold, and found a story about some nut whose lecture was shut down by a "lesbian break-in"(???). But never mind that, because as I was bookmarking it for future reference, I noticed something extremely odd.

The Lifesite page has a little picture in the upper left corner, usually a couple of babies or grandparents, or mom & dad and a pile of kids, typical Leave It To Beaver family-type stuff. They use the same 4 or 5 pictures and rotate them every week or so. But today I noticed there's a new family picture in the corner, and it's an Interesting Family indeed: six kids, and what appears to be two -- count 'em, two! -- Moms. (Either that or the dad is a long-haired hippie, which would be just as strange for lifesite.) What? Yes! Well, have a look:

The chick on the right in the light blue jacket: Alpha Mom? The one in the middle, in the gray and black v-neck sweater: Beta Mom? Huh?

UPDATE (May 6): The above picture is gonzo, replaced by some much less ambiguous baby pics. Coincidence??