Monday, May 05, 2008

Your daily anti-choice stupid

Here's a cool new thought about the potential impact of Bill C-484 (aka the "Kicking Abortion's Ass" bill) -- according to the anti-choicers at "ProWoman Prolife", drug dealers who sell dope to pregnant women could face harsher penalties. PWPL takes to task for pointing this out as yet another negative aspect of the stealthy C-484. Okay, let's take a quick spin in the fetusmobile™... careful of the drool on the seat there... and heeeeere we go:
"Self-proclaimed feminists express worry for the rights of a pregnant woman to use illegal drugs.

One of the most dangerous consequences of Bill C-484 is…that it muddies the water regarding the potential for prosecuting pregnant women who use drugs. Pregnant women who use drugs already face tremendous stigma and marginalization; many such women fail to access medical services in fear of having their children removed from their care.

Where to begin…

Is enabling a woman to continue her drug use, especially while in a pregnant state, really doing her a favour? Are we a backwards society for enforcing the protection of children? Is this all about the fact that a man can’t get pregnant, so he can harbor a drug addiction more easily than a woman? Is this a question of equality of the sexes?" [...]

"If anything, C-484 may mean tougher sentencing for offenders who sell drugs to pregnant women. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Other than drug dealers, that is."
To someone who doesn't harbour an automatic suspicion of all things legislative, a demographic that certainly includes the rabid authoritarians who make up the anti-abortion movement, this might not seem like a bad thing at first blush. But let's look a little further past the immediate impact on our (already ridiculous) drug laws and the people affected by them (and the issue of *personal choice*, but that's another post for another day). It isn't a great stretch of logic to imagine the drug dealer who endangers a pregnancy by enabling drug use eventually morphing into the woman who endangers her own pregnancy by drug use, or... the doctor who endangers a pregnancy by performing an abortion.

Rabble has a good point, it just went Vrrrooom! right over PWPL's head.

(h/t: BBW)