Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lurid and creepy... but very funny

It's the rare blogger who has the talent to initiate a simultaneous reaction of heaving stomach and coffee-spewing laughter, but that's our LuLu. Swill some gravol down with whatever you're drinking (and make sure that drink is well its way) then go. Read.

Lots of (regurgitated) food for thought there, some of it so vile that it's best left unthought about. But it made me wonder: what is an "Alpha Male" these days? I know what it used to be -- I lived with one. But it seems the category's been somewhat compromised (okay, abysmally compromised) of late... indeed, it's fallen on hard times if it includes the likes of Mark Steyn, who in my humble opinion is what I'd characterize as "a pussy".

I blame it on the crumbling standards of our society.