Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm lovin' it

And what's not to love about the "Pill Kills" campaign?

The latest fork in the anti-choice propaganda path (and that's "fork", you pervs) is a little weird even for these braindead dingbats. Given their virulent opposition to abortion and the difficulty they've had in making any inroads against it, it seems strange to be campaigning against something that prevents abortions. But these guys argue that the pill enables people to have more sex (noooo!!!), thereby ultimately causing more abortions. For many of these people that's what this thing has always been about -- sex and punishing women who dare to have it. And encouraging the state to step into our playpens bedrooms and make it more difficult and punitive for those who do.

But even the most reality-challenged anti-choicer knows this is far too radical a fodder for the mainstream grist-mill, so they're dressing it up with a little pseudo-science (hello ID?) that supposedly shows the pill is an (shrieeeek!) "abortifacient". Never mind that their whole premise is dead wrong -- the pill prevents ovulation. In the rare scenario where an egg manages to escape, then manages to get fertilized, then manages to make the cut as one of the few that aren't flushed out at the end of the month... even then, the pill just makes implantation more difficult. This is an awful lot of hurdles for an awfully tiny number of renegade ovum. Certainly it doesn't qualify the pill as an "abortifacient" and most definitely not something that "kills babies".

But never mind that -- the mask, as they say, is off... and I for one couldn't be happier.

So now it's time to ice the cake: let's have a look at the brain trust behind this campaign -- the American Life League (or "Atrocious Lies League" to the reality-based community). Scanning ALL's "Roster of Associates", the first thing that jumped out at me was "Pro-Life Wisconsin" because it sounded familiar. Well yeah. They're the cretins who famously held supported "Paul Hill Days" last July, an event celebrating the notorious anti-abortion terrorist who shot a doctor and his escort outside a clinic. And double-plus cool -- they even held a re-enactment of the shooting:

The president of Pro-Life Wisconsin, who was coincidentally caught on video in the vicinity at the time, said she was just praying at the abortuary. Maybe it's just me, but if I were trying to run far away from a group of extremists I didn't want to be identified with, I think I'd pray at some other abortuary. Or maybe take a rain check on the prayer for a few days. But that's just me.

Anyway, I am drifting, but you get the gist. This campaign will be a hard sell even in the best of scenarios, but add to it that old saying about "the company we keep", and wow. The potential is endless.

We can only hope they blogburst it.

(Edited for clarity - "Paul Hill Days" wasn't a PLW-sponsored event, but some of their members were apparently in attendance as noted above.)