Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pot meet kettle

Okay, I want to talk about this little shindig the fetus fetishists held on Thursday (8,000 Catholic schoolchildren strong, although the Liberal Ottawa Sun says 7,000 but whatevs).

No Canada Wordmarks in evidence this year, thanks to the vigilance of the Wordmark Police, but apparently the crowd became somewhat unruly and things disintegrated into what our Birth Pangs correspondent characterized as "a chaotic mess" -- hmmm, what I might describe as "a chaotic orgy". But what can you expect in the midst of a collective combination indignance and persecution high? The mop-up required after something like that would be a daunting task indeed.

Anyway, the crowd orgy caused a traffic orgy and injuries to a cop who was trying to exercise a little Crowd Contol. Others are already all over this, and in particular I was impressed with Bene D's entry, which wonders (in a way Jesus would surely approve) if any of the marchers thought to follow up on the condition of the injured cop. Bene also adds a little quote from someone who was out there live-blogging on the fetus fetishizing mean streets of Ottawa:

"Pro-aborts can be violent" -- "keep them in line". Uhh, what? There were about 8 pro-choice people that bothered to protest against this thing, but there was a need to "keep them in line" because, well, we're violent? Good grief. If I shared an ideology with people like James Kopp, Paul Hill and Eric Rudolph, I doubt I'd want to accuse anyone else of being violent.

Then again, we do have the right to defend ourselves. Like they're apparently doing at this clinic:

Fortunately, thus far no anti-abortion protestors have been shot or blown up by "threatening signs".