Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Choice for me, etc.

Meet Oregon Republican congressional candidate Mike Erickson. A solid, hard-right conservative "pro-life" kinda guy with all the right stuff for the GOP, and... uh... a little further down his Wiki Page:

Whoops! Speaking of wickies... oh, the humanity! Or should that be "the hypocrisy"?:
"An Oregon City woman who dated congressional candidate Mike Erickson seven years ago said she asked him directly whether he wanted to have a baby. He shook his head no, she said, and paid for her abortion." [...]

"Her story is backed up by medical and other records, and the accounts of two friends, one of whom was with her at the abortion. Their story conflicts directly with Erickson's version.

He agrees that he gave Tawnya $300 for medical help, and a ride to a doctor's office near Lloyd Center, but said he didn't know she was pregnant or planned to get an abortion. He said he doesn't think he saw her again after that day."
Sorry Mike, but that's pathetic: you have to be a way better liar than that to make the cut for the GOP.