Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Say hi to the waving fetus

Lookie lookie, there's a new "anti-choice pretending to be pro-choice" website in town, and it's one of the most pathetic entries in the category to date. It's called *ta-da!* "", slyly co-opting the pro-choice name in order to lure the unsuspecting in search of a pro-choice site, then inundate them with a lot of anti-abortion bullshit. Say "Oh, HAI"!

The simpletons that put this thing together must have done it in a hurry. Under "Parenthood", one of the three "choice" options, one of the FAQs is "Can I really do this?" to which the site helpfully replies "Life would be dull if there were no surprises, and there would be no real victory without some difficulty!" In other words, NO, you probably CAN'T do it, but you screwed up and now you'll take your punishment and you'll like it, bitch. Because major cataclysmic fuckups that forever alter your future's trajectory are the spice of life. Teehee.

Apart from the waving fetus that appears on most of the pages, the real *meat* of the site is of course under the third choice option, abortion. Horror stories abound about the dangers and risks, some of them exaggerations and some of them outright lies and figments of the site owners' imaginations (the boring "link" to breast cancer, debunked countless times, looms large). A flurry of "medical sources" leads, as always, right back to the usual gang of anti-choice nitwits and purveyors of dead fetus porn. A nice big load of steaming bullshit, just waiting for someone to step in it.

The sly and stealthy co-opting of pro-choice-sounding URLs has become so popular with fetus fetishists that in order to assist those navigating treacherously-compromised pro-choice waters, a list of genuine pro-choice and anti-choice sites that just sound pro-choice has been published.

It's caveat emptor out there, forewarned is forearmed.