Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dion vows to kill Bill C-484

Looks like Bill C-484, the Kicking Abortion's Ass bill, might be getting an asskicking of its own:
"Stephane Dion vowed today that Liberals will block passage of a Tory bill that some fear might re-open the dormant abortion debate.

"I want to give my word to all the women of Canada that the Liberal Party of Canada is against to reopen woman's right to decide as a debate," the Liberal leader pledged.

Dion made the promise during a news conference at which he also announced that a Liberal government would create a commissioner for gender equality. The independent officer of Parliament would be tasked with analyzing the impact on women of all government programs and policies.

The "unborn victims of crime" legislation is a private member's bill proposed by Edmonton Tory MP Ken Epp, which would make it a crime to take the life of a fetus against the will of the mother.

Although the bill specifically exempts abortion, pro-choice advocates fear it would give legal status to the fetus and would, thus, be a step towards recriminalizing abortion.

Dion indicated that he shares the view that the bill would reopen the abortion debate and vowed: "We will not allow that to happen.""

Finally, Dion seems committed to actually blocking this nefarious piece-of-shit bill. If I were a little more cynical, I might point out that March 4th would have been a better time to make this announcement, but I'll take victory where I can get it.

Kicking Abortion's Ass bill supporters: bye-bye, dickheads!

UPDATE: And Birth Pangs is already on the case.

(h/t reality bites in the comments)