Thursday, June 05, 2008


Culture of Deathbloggers alert! On my nightly cruise by FD (my #1 source for up-to-the-minute wingnuttery), I see there are plans afoot for some anti-Pill blog-bursting action this weekend! Woohoo!!!

"How about a blog-burst?" Yeah, how about one? Do it doit doitdoitdoit!!!

Let's hope there are lots of extremely alarmist posts, chock-full of "credible" evidence from *reliable* sources like lifesite (HAHAHAHAHA!) and Pharmacists/Physicians/Ob-gyns/Butchers/Bakers and Candlestick makers "for Life". Let's have bombast! Let's have diatribes!
Let's have "SHRIEEEEEEK!" And best of all...

...let's sit back, munch popcorn and watch while anti-choicers show the world what this whole "pro-life" thang is really all about. As the brilliant PZ Meyers said a couple of years back, winding up a post about Plan B contraception:

"The ugly intent of the right wing fundies is unmasked right here, with no phony piety to hide their goals. They want the power to regulate a woman's physiology against her will.

What contraceptive method do you use? If it's not abstinence, you ought to realize that these kooks will be after you, next."

Yes, this is one situation where the correct response is "Bring it on!"