Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early & often

Most of us have noticed and been somewhat amused by the dramatic and exaggerated prose that's been employed by right-wingnuts to describe the Macleans/Steyn/Levant HRC hearings. It started with Ezra on videotape at his hearing, demanding to know when his "interrogation" would begin. Soon expressions like "Kangaroo Kourt", "Star Chamber" and *gasp* "Story Of The Year!!!" were being used to describe the goings-on. This escalated into evermore hysterical hyperbole like "Hitlerian-Stalinite showcourt", "humanoid rites commissars" and "The Trial of the Century". Oh, the persecution, the stomping of jackboots on wingnut faces forever.

The drama and hyperbole around this thing have become so relentless and over the top that it got to the point where there was only one thing to do -- gather up some of the finer examples of all this whacked-out wingnuttery and run a poll (not "pole"). Balbulican at stageleft did the dirty work and, Conucopia-style, 12 overwrought and fetid examples now await your vote. But I warn you: it won't be easy.