Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kitteh Repurrrrt

"Oh hai."
The kittens ("the" kittens, not "my" kittens) are 4 weeks old and deadly cute. Though they still spend a lot of time under the dresser, they're more anxious to leave their little nest now. When I enter the bedroom, whoa! Excitement! They are instantly galvinized into action, bursting forth from their nest and charging towards me like a kitty cavalry. ("A" kitty cavalry, not "my" kitty cavalry.)

They've been spending more time outside the nest, especially up on the bed, which they seem to have adopted as a new nest. Usually, mama cat will only let them stay up there for awhile, but lately she's been letting them hang out there for as long as they want.

Last night I made the tactical error of letting them all stay on the bed all night, and I awoke this morning with Mr. Blue curled up fast asleep on my neck like a furry little goiter. Sort of like this:

Mistake! Mistake! Mayday! Mayday! *sigh*

More kittymashup:

"Settle down, Mr. Blue, ur wakin everyone up."

"Leave alone now. Haz had enuf pickshers."