Thursday, June 12, 2008


Argghh, sometimes I am so brought down by anti-choice nitwits -- their obfuscations, their exaggerations, their hysterical hyperbole, their filthy disgusting pigfucking lying. Because they subscribe to the "Big Lie" method of propaganda -- keep repeating the same lie over and over and eventually people will think it's the truth -- it's critical that those of us in the Real World constantly rebut and debunk the same old horseshit, over and over and over again. It gets repetitive and boring and sometimes, a little depressing.

But that's only sometimes -- mostly they're a rich motherlode of comedy gold that I mine at every opportunity. Like yesterday, when Birth Pangs posted about some new and rotten craziness being shrieked by one of these pearl-clutching nitwits. A short, feverish discussion ensued at the Fainting Couch, and:

Ya gotta love accusations of "incoherency" and "illogic" that wind up with delusional, superstitious gibberish about sin and demonic possession.

Anyway, better possessed than repossessed, as some of this wank's fellow travellers are finding out. Haha!