Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rumour has it

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HAHAHAHAHA! Rumour has it that we managed to quietly get Our Guy Dr. Henry an Order of Canada and deprive the howling anti-choice banshees of 3 months worth of shrieeeeeeking... talk about a two-fer! Damn, we're good!

I have no idea if there's any truth to this rumour or if the delusional fetus fetishists are just hallucinating again. The last I'd heard a couple of months ago was that Dr. Morgentaler was probably not on the list for this long-overdue honour, after a well-orchestrated campaign of squealing in distress from the peanut gallery who can't seem to extricate their snouts from the crotches of the nation. Well, hahaha, it looks like the GG may have pulled a fast one on the rabid fetus fetishizers by doing this very quietly in order to get it done with a minimum of bullshit. Imagine if it had been announced as a definite thing 4 months ago: the insufferable shrieking and whining, pissing and moaning, the sobbing and snivelling and the extended collective persecution buzz would have been intolerable.

As it is, they put a lot of work into deep-sixing the nomination, freeping hard and freeping fast until any Morgentaler-related poll was well and truly freeped. Oh, whew, they sighed in unison when at long last they were told the nomination wasn't happening. And now... SHRIEEEEEK!


But let's not start popping the corks yet. I'm not sure about the veracity of this thing and since the only sources reporting on it so far are anti-choice douchebags, I'm cautiously optimistic at best. It could well be a figment of overactive imaginations just looking for something to feel paranoid and miserable about as they stroke themselves into a persecutiongasm. If it's true, I'll be delighted -- but I find it hard to take seriously any information gleaned from nitwits like "Campaign Life Coalition" (naughty, nasty co-opters of the Canada wordmark). But meanwhile there's amusement to be had at the reactions of the fetus fetishists, who take such sources with the utmost seriousness. The Canada Day fireworks may well be upstaged by all the exploding heads.

UPDATE: More commentary from Birth Pangs and Dr. Dawg. Oh dear, oh dear. Wingnut crania are indeed exploding, and a high-pressure pissing and whining campaign has been proposed. Tsk tsk, too little too late, my fetus fetishizing friends. But tell me -- how does it feel to be suckah'd?

UPPERDATE: Looks like it might be true. An opinion piece ran yesterday in the NatPo, which although it's been swirling in the wingnut bowl recently, is still "MSM". SHRIEEEEEK!

UPPER-UPPERDATE: Lifeshite says "CONFIRMED!!!!11!!" SHRIEEEEEEEK!!! Still just Lifesite, though, which is definitely not what I'd consider a credible source.

UP-DIDDLY-DATE: An MSM source finally reports on it. But it's still being reported as a possibility, not a slam-dunk.