Monday, June 30, 2008

True colours

Just the mention of the name "Morgentaler" is enough to make rabid No-Choicers froth and foam at the mouth. No surprise then that the idea of Dr. Morgentaler being awarded the Order of Canada for his contribution to Canadian womens' reproductive freedom has them spiraling into hyperventilating ragegasms. The shrieking they do at their own blogs is bad enough, but the panting, slack-jawed, spittle-flecked turds they drop in the comment boxes of other blogs are even worse.

Check out this post on the Morgentaler award at the "What Do I Know Grit", where the first comment -- the first, no less -- had to be deleted with a warning by the blog admin because it was -- surprise! -- some kind of a death threat.

And they wonder why even the lowlife Harper government wants so little to do with them.