Monday, June 30, 2008


We finally have a properly credible source reporting that Dr. Henry Morgentaler will almost certainly be awarded the Order of Canada tomorrow -- sorry, but Lifeshite and its "we've heard from various sources" kind of reporting doesn't cut it. But the Globe does:
"The divisive debate about abortion rights in Canada is poised to erupt once again as Henry Morgentaler, the country's best-known abortion-rights crusader, is expected to be named to the Order of Canada.

Even before the official announcement, Dr. Morgentaler's name attached to the highest honour in the land ignited a firestorm of controversy yesterday, with online blogs, people opposed to abortion and pro-choice supporters wading into the Order of Canada committee's decision."

Yes, we noticed the SHRIEEEEEEKing. And there's worrying, fretting and hand-wringing, too...

"Liberal MP Dan McTeague said Dr. Morgentaler is a very controversial person and if he is admitted to the order, it will polarize Canadians.

Like we aren't already polarized on this issue, thanks to the non-stop barrage of anti-abortion propaganda and bullshit by the backhoe-load from dimwitted authoritarian prigs who'd gladly turn Canada into a Republic of Gilead. McTeague, as one of the Liberals who voted in favour of Bill C-484, should really just shut the fuck up, but goes on:

"The Governor-General and the committee advising on appointments to the Order of Canada have always been careful in the past not to choose people who were controversial or who would not be unanimously celebrated by all Canadians, Mr. McTeague said. “It's more of a social statement rather than the usual apolitical decisions,” he said. “There will be people who cheer what he has done. There will be others who fundamentally disagree with what he represents.”

Oh yeah? Well, Tough Shit. I don't give a happy monkeyfuck if "others fundamentally disagree" -- they can get stuffed. Dr. Morgentaler has contributed more to Canadian women's right to self-determination than any other individual, and has risked his life and his freedom doing it. Before he stood up for our rights, our reproductive business was dictated by the state and whatever sex-obsessed authoritarian busybodies had its ear. Not acceptable: never was, never will be, and Dr. Morgentaler sealed the deal. His Order of Canada is long overdue:

“Dr. Morgentaler is a hero to millions of women in the country. He has risked his life to struggle for women's rights. … And he's a huge figure in Canadian history. And the fact that he hasn't got it till now is a scandal,” said author and feminist Judy Rebick. “If it's true, I will be delighted.”

I couldn't agree more.

Happy Canada Day, fetus fetishists. Enjoy spending your summer vacation in the throes of a prolonged persecutiongasm. HAHAHAHAHAHA!