Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sounds pretty pro-woman to me...

Not surprisingly, there's been a lot of commentary about the idiotic court ruling that found in favour of a 12-year-old who petitioned to overturn her father's punishment by grounding:
"The girl's parents are divorced, and after she had an alleged row with her stepmother, her father barred her from going on a school trip to mark the class's graduation from elementary school, the newspaper reported.

"When he said, 'OK, it's final. You're not going,' she smacked the door, left and went to live with her mother," the father's lawyer, Kim Beaudoin, told CBC News.

Last Wednesday, the father received a motion petitioning the court to overturn the punishment.

Two days later, the judge ruled the punishment was too severe because the girl had already been sufficiently disciplined, Beaudoin said."
Acrimoniously-divorced parents, one of them playing the kid like a pawn to stick it to the other. It's an ancient game that gets played by both sides -- in this case it just happens to be the mother's hand on the joystick. Anyone with their head completely screwed on can see this petty, vicious bullshit for what it is; whether it's being done by a mother or a father isn't the issue.

Unless you're a fetus fetishist. The *gals* at "Pro-Woman Pro-Life" were rolling their eyes over the case just like I did, but couldn't resist flashing a little misogyny with this exceedingly pro-woman comment:

Right. And behind every Catholic altar boy is a... aw, fuck it, what's the point.