Friday, June 27, 2008

This is what happens...

...when these stupid anti-choice bastards intervene and try to keep an 10-year-old victim of child abuse from having an abortion. The kid finally ends up having the procedure, but because of all the interference from the spittle-flecked godbags and drooling fetus fetishists, she has to have it late-term:
"A 11-year-old rape victim has been flown to the UK for an abortion after she was refused a termination in her native Romania.

The girl was just 10 years old when she was allegedly raped twice by a 19-year-old man while staying with his family at a village in Neamt in east of the country." [...]

"Two medical panels have so far examined the girl who is now 21 weeks pregnant.

The first found in favour of an abortion – but the second rejected an operation describing the pregnancy as "natural".

The second panel said: "Having examined the girl, the panel observes that the pregnancy is proceeding naturally and therefore that termination should not be imposed."

What kind of vicious, evil scum would say that the pregnancy of a 10 (now 11)-year-old child, the result of child-rape, is anything even close to "natural"? As if this kid hasn't already had enough trauma, these slobbering sons-of-bitches would force her to spend 9 months remembering and reflecting on it as her abdomen expands relentlessly, then reliving it as she finally gives birth to the product of her worst moment.

Fortunately, compassion and common sense prevailed and the girl will now be able to end the nightmare and start the healing. But having been held up for weeks, the abortion will be late-term, which is bound to be a reason for virulent anti-choicers to shriek.

One couldn't be blamed for wondering if this is one of the reasons they intervene so tenaciously -- if they can't stop the procedure, they'll at least have one more late-term abortion to bitch about.

(h/t - April Reign)