Friday, June 27, 2008

SHRIEEEK! Macleans CHRC complaint dismissed

Hands up, everyone who's surprised:
"The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint against Maclean's magazine over a controversial article on the future of Islam, magazine officials said yesterday.

Meanwhile, a decision from the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal over the same issue isn't expected for several months.

The Canadian Islamic Congress launched the dual complaints over an article by Maclean's journalist Mark Steyn. The article, The Future Belongs to Islam, came under fire by Muslim critics who claimed it spreads Islamophobia."

What? No hands!? No kidding -- the dismissal should come as no surprise to anyone with their head screwed on. It's the right decision and the one that's been expected by many for months. However, I'm sure it will be a massive disappointment to those who've been using this situation as an opportunity to shrieeeek! about persecution and pick up a little spare change from the cerebrally-deprived.

As stated, the BCHRT decision won't be known for awhile, but the CHRC's dismissal is probably a pretty good indicator of which way it will go. The only question is what will the shriekers shriek about when this is all over?