Friday, June 27, 2008


Talking about "Expelled", the movie about "intelligent design" that attempts to take Darwinian theory to task in favour of, um, yeah well, whatever, the movie's frontman Ben Stein comments:

"I don't question that other people may have different narratives about some of the people featured in the film," Stein says, "but my experience is that if you mention intelligent design, you do get slammed, you do get mugged." The New York Times, where Stein writes a weekly column, "gave the film one of the most vicious reviews I've ever seen."

Mugged? Never mind mugged: faith and religion is one thing, but anyone trying to pass off this Disneyesque fantasy as Science should be flogged like a 3-legged pack mule. But then again, look what else Stein has to say:

"For Stein, it's at least arguable that life on Earth shows evidence of "intelligent design," a phrase that coats him in the distinctive colours of creationism. But he is as unapologetic about this belief as he is unapologetic in insisting that Nixon's presidency was much better than its detractors claim and in predicting that in two years, reviled as George W. Bush now is in many precincts, Americans will be wishing they could have him back in the Oval Office." (emphasis mine)

The Context, it's everything, no?