Sunday, June 08, 2008

Troofers in Town

There was a run on gas yesterday as the price bounced up to $1.39/litre. I was able to beg the boss to keep the price down long enough for me to fill up, and was pissed off beyond words the whole time I was doing it. $55 for half a tank of low-octane piss-gas: when I bought my truck, $55 was almost a full tank. And still the oil companies rake in record mega-profits. We are being blatantly, viciously, sadistically screwed and gouged by the pigs at the oil trough, and --

Whoa. You can see how perturbed I am. But what I really wanted to talk about is one of the many customers who, in a Pavlovian response to the news that oil hit $139/barrel on Friday, pulled in to get fucked up the ass by Shell Oil gas. This particular customer drove a van, an unremarkable vehicle except for one minor detail: it was covered bumper-to-bumper with "911 Truth" propaganda, "911 was an Inside Job!" etc. The only good time to engage a 911 Troofer is when there's a lineup of customers behind him, so when he was paying for his gas I advised him that I thought the Troofers were fully loaded with bullshit. An administration so incompetent that it couldn't even figure out how to rescue New Orleans masterminded 9/11? Oh sure, dude. He gave me this:

I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing and said, "I guess I need to wear a tinfoil hat for this stuff" as he left the store. A few seconds later he reappeared, brandishing a baseball cap covered in tinfoil. "Here's my tinfoil hat!" he cried triumphantly.

"No wonder you believe this stuff" I said, "You've got the tinfoil on wrong. It has to be shiny side out!" I wonder if he changed it.