Sunday, June 08, 2008

Anti-Pill protest fizzles

Oh, the disappointment... will I ever get over it?

Okay, I'm over it. All indications are that yesterday's "The Pill Kills" protest was Dead On Arrival (at least I can't find any news about it), and the planned blog-burst a lot more bust than burst, with even most anti-choicers quietly opting out of this particular brand of batshit. This anti-contraception goofiness separated the batshit from the bugshit.

They blew it. Until recently, these fetus fetishists were sly, knowing all too well that their real agenda is far too extreme to be palatable to anyone but the most viciously brain-damaged, so they dressed it up in a lot of hysterical hyperbole about "BABIES". But opposing contraception is a harder sell -- putting a baby's chubby little face on a 4-celled blastocyst fits better with the Onion than a medical journal. Not to mention that opposing something that prevents abortions isn't the best way to convince anyone that the real agenda is anything other than controlling womens' bodies. The best laid plans to stop women from getting laid, eh?

Besides, even the 'pro-life' movement's own medical experts regard the "pill abortion" hypothesis as extremely lame. So says the "Association of Prolife Physicians" in a little dissertation entitled "Do oral contraceptives cause abortions?":
"There are a growing number of pro-life voices arguing that OCs cause abortions, and prescribing them is the equivalent of performing an intentional abortion. On the one hand, if oral contraceptives do cause abortions, then the vast majority of the medical community is deceived, their patients are misinformed, and even pro-life physicians are unwittingly prescribing abortifacients and killing innocent human beings. On the other hand, if oral contraceptives do not cause abortions, then the issue is a distraction that divides us and weakens our influence in defense of life. It is our hope that through reading this article, you will become familiar with the dilemma and understand how pro-life physicians who are convinced life begins at conception can disagree on this issue."
In Doctor-speak, this is known as "Breaking It To Them Gently"; in PR-speak it's called "Get Back On Message, You Clowns -- You're Blowing It!!!".