Thursday, June 19, 2008

The way the sphere spews

Ugh, the common cold has got me in its ferocious grip. My head feels like it's in a vise (remember that scene in "Casino"?), but before I stumble back to bed and collapse into a heap of misery, I must comment on one especially absurd post that I came across today.

Yes yes, we know the upper-right quadrant of the political compass is home to a lot of bugfuck crazy nutbars, we all read their spewage (or should that be "sewage"?) from time to time. Sometimes it's entertaining (in a "can anyone really be that dumb?" kind of way), but sometimes it's just weird, and not in a good way. (Like "Good Naked" and "Bad Naked", there's Good Weird and Bad Weird.) Today's exhibit, from red tory (via CC) is a post that claims gay rights will lead to "pederasts' rights", on the basis of the potential discovery of a "Pederast Brain". Hold on tight, people, we're entering bat country:
"Our secular society says that it is deeply committed to the equality of all human persons, regardless of sexual orientation, hence the urgency to legiitimize homosexuality. However it is worth noting that scientists do not display the same sense of urgency to discover a "pederast gene", or a scientific justification for pederasty. However, iif scientific discovery can be used to justify homosexual behaviour, why can't the same scientific methods, and discoveries, be used to justify pederast behaviour? If they are both unchosen, and innate, why should one be viewed as normal and the other deviant? Why shouldn't both be viewed as normal, or, alternatively, deviant?"
The Coles Notes version of the long and pedantic screed at the end of the link is that if there's a genetic component to sexual orientation, then there must also be a "pederast/child molester" gene. Rights naturally follow.

If my brain wasn't stuck in 2nd gear, I'd address each of the 57 varieties of stupid in this guy's little hypothesis, but fuck it. His theory falls on its face right out of the gate because of one basic reality: pederasty isn't a sexual orientation. The problematic issue with pederasts isn't orientation, it's the pursuit of relationships with physical and psychological subordinates. It's a power trip that happens to involve the genitals. So whatever, dude -- apples and oranges. I think the first commenter had it right when he/she said:
"*sigh* Another sexually-obsessive "Christian" focused on the sex lives of others. Sorry...the rest of us know what that means. Seek help."
Sounds about right to me!