Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out from under the rocks

Nothing like a story about an act of overt racism to bring the rest of the foaming fruitbags out from under their shit-encrusted rocks.

That CBC story about the pig's head incident in Ottawa (which I posted about on Monday) has generated over 100 comments, and ewwww it ain't pretty. Reading through the combox, I was reminded of a hot summer day when I lifted a bag of garbage out of its tidy little Rubbermaid™ can, only to find a nest of maggots teeming and boiling away underneath. It appears racism is not only alive and well but thriving in Canada.

First out of the gate on the racist side of the equation was this idiot:

Hahaha. Of course. The crush these people have on Steyn is well past the "schoolgirlish" stage and becoming an all-out obsession. No wonder he shut down his blog and made a run for it.

Predictably, a vicious little freak calling itself "InFidel" shows up to rant and foam and defend crumbling Canadian cultural values like Wonder Bread, Kraft Dinner and Timmy Ho's. His/her style is so spewingly familiar, it might just be someone we know from Right Blogistan. You know, the kind of person who routinely makes sweeping unsubstantiated claims that *everyone* hates multiculturalism. When called upon to define her/his definition of Canadian Culture and provide a citation to back up some alleged poll results, he/she responds:

Canada Freak Press, no less (and notably not even hyperlinked by this asinine "InFidel" character): would that be the Christalibangelist "news" site that publishes articles like "So What If I'm Racist?"? Arrgh. And you thought the level of debate on blogs was low.