Wednesday, June 18, 2008

C-10 Smackdown

Today, Chuck McVety's rotten and twisted censorship dreams were dashed upon the rocks of reason, sanity and freedom by two Liberal Senators:
"Senators Francis Fox and Wilfred Moore today made public the amendments that Liberal Senators intend to introduce when the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce proceeds to the Clause by Clause examination of Bill C-10." [...]

"The changes proposed by Senators Fox and Moore would:
1. Remove the power for the Minister of Heritage to refuse tax credits based on "public policy" or to issue guidelines about film content, while at the same time safeguarding the right to deny funds when the production itself is contrary to the Criminal Code;
2. Give producers an efficient judicial appeal mechanism if the Minister blocks or delays funding;
3. Continue to prevent government funding of pornography, child pornography, and hate propaganda."
My favourite part is #3 -- "continue to prevent government funding of pornography..." See? Unlike the lies that Mr. McVety and his fellow social conservative nanny-statist travellers would have us believe, there was never a need to deny tax credits or dictate "content guidelines" in order to stop (SHRIEEEK!) the funding of porn: it was already being prevented. However, the funding of movies deemed "OFFENSIVE!" by Mr. McVety is not being prevented, and boo friggin hoo, tough shit. Apparently, Mr. McVety badly miscalculated -- "Canadian values" don't include censorship of the arts after all.

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