Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't stop there...

In Australia for the World Youth shindig, once again the Pope has issued another overweening apology for the evil sex abuse perpetrated by, well, who else!?:
"Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday offered his strongest public statement yet on sex abuse against minors by Roman Catholic priests, apologizing to victims and calling the abuse "evil."

The apology came during a mass in Sydney, Australia, and expands on comments the pope made during an April visit to the United States, during which he publicly acknowledged the pain the church's sex abuse scandal has caused and met privately with abuse victims."
Way to go popester, screw it on, baby! But forgive me if I'm less than impressed, given that the Catholic church's chief cook and bottle-washer was also one of the architects of the systemic cover-up of that same "evil". Res ipsa loquitur, Popie-honey-baby, it speaks for itself.

What's that? Oh boo hoo hoo! *slap*