Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny guy

Ha. I googled the guy who put up the "Disorder of Canada" silliness, James Love, and found out he has a website. And *gasp* apparently he hates baby boomers as much as he loves fetuses:

"The Baby Boomer Death Counter", as the disclaimer says, is "a joke." Ha (looooong pause) ha. The BBDC is accompanied by a chronological list of already-dead famous baby boomers, which I suppose is pantingly updated with each new boomer passing. Oh no: Generation Whine strikes again (and by Gen-Whine I don't mean everyone under 40, just the ones who hate boomers so much). What's the matter, the internet, iPods and HDTV weren't enough? We need to give you whimpering, puling little creeps even more?

Apparently. Not only does James anxiously (if quasi-humourously) look forward to the demise of every last boomer, he's also put up a screed against Canada Pension, which according to him, "transfers wealth from younger generations to wealthier older generations". Oh, boo hoo hoo. Never mind that that's not how CPP works anyway -- it's just another prime example of a whiner who resents paying a pittance that he thinks is going directly into the bulging Mutual Fund accounts of all those goddamn freeloading old people. (Yeah, the same old people whose taxes made countless services available to him before he started paying taxes. Ever take a bus, James? To school maybe?)

Here's an idea: why don't you guys just put us all on icebergs and float us away when we hit retirement age? But remember: we've been working out. And some of us have guns.