Thursday, July 17, 2008


When they're not harassing women at clinics (and taking the occasional header off their custom-made cartop shrieking platforms), they're hassling members of the Order of Canada.

With only 8 OC medals on the way(?) to being returned, the "blizzard" of returned "snowflakes" never materialized. So outraged fetus fetishists, determined to make it happen, have set up a website to help their fellow travellers get in touch with the remaining OC members to demand that they also return their Morgentaler-tainted medals. Behold -- "Dis Order of Canada":

(Screenshot provided in case they re-direct my link to fetus porn.)

Someone has gone to a lot of time and trouble to set this up. The site includes alphabetical listings of contact information for 3,188 OC members, and where that's not available, a link to Google results for each name and city. With contact info the zealots will almost certainly pick up the ball and run with it, contacting these OC members over and over and over and... you get the idea.

I'm pretty sure that, like everyone else in Canada, all the OC members know about Dr. M's induction, and they've clearly made their choice with regard to their medals. So this little website setup is obviously designed to encourage the nutbars to harass and bully OC members into returning their medals... in a Godly way, of course. (The disclaimer at the bottom says "legal, non-malicious discourse", and maybe some of it will be, but you can almost be sure that some of it won't.) Most of these people are private citizens -- is this not just a bit invasive?

But what can you expect from people who spend their time hanging around clinics and harassing women? Whether it's the choice to have an abortion or the choice to keep an Order of Canada medal, choice is obviously a concept that's anathema to these idiots.

UPDATE: Via CC in the comments, this might be a good time to remind everyone how utterly meaningless these "returns" really are.