Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fetus Fetishists Ladies' Auxiliary responds to KLRVU poll stomp

Oh dear, our relentless beatdown of the propagandalicious Klrvu poll has Andrea and Brigitte at "ProWomanProLife" beaking off:

As the girls no doubt know (but I'd hardly expect them to admit), the attention garnered by the ludicrous KLRVU poll hasn't been about the poll itself as much as the subterfuge and dishonesty surrounding it. A sham "poll" was done for the express purpose of producing propaganda -- the only irony is that anti-choicers obstinately refuse to see what's right in front of their faces.

As for where we get the idea that being anti-abortion means wanting to control other peoples' sex lives, we need look no further than the anti-contraception propaganda spewed by these same people. Given that contraception is the only thing short of abstinence that prevents unwanted pregnancy, it seems like an odd position for an anti-abortion person to take... unless... unless... bingo! Unless they wanted to control other peoples' sex lives!

Speaking of "other peoples' sex lives", I wonder if Andrea's still with the "Institute for Marriage & Family", who eventually gave up their fight against equal marriage (or so they said), but still publishes articles with alarming titles like "Bringing the State Back Into the Bedrooms of the Nation". (Yeeow! Can you say "Nanny statist"?)

Pissed off that your poll was outed as a sham? Tough. We're onto you people. Take your sanctimonious platitudes and stuff them.