Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gluttons for Punishment

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What fucking idiots!!!

Oh no! The MASSIVE POLL is getting POLED by the Canadian media! (Thanks to pro-abortion bloggers!)

Why won't the media talk about the Massive Poll? Well let's run it down here...

1. Because there's no data detailing the poll's methodology.

2. Because the question asked in the poll was biased, undermining the poll's credibility from Square One.

3. Because it took DAYS to find any information on KLRVU, the company who conducted the "poll". The information had to be dug up by bloggers, and we still have NO IDEA how Campaign Life even found KLRVU, given that it was for all intents & purposes nonexistent until last Thursday.

4. Because the more we've found out, the less legitimate the "pollster" looks -- it's a phone spam company. Phone spam, no less!

5. Because the one MSM-type person who's actually talked about the MASSIVE POLL, someone who'd normally support the poll if it was legit, thinks it's just as hinky as we do!

6. Because it doesn't matter anyway! Two real polls, done by real polling companies, were taken earlier this month, and they both had the same result: the vast majority of Canadians (2/3) are okay with Dr. M's Order of Canada. The MASSIVE POLL doesn't change that, or even effectively challenge it.

But hey: if the MASSIVE POLL's supporters want to push the issue and force the MSM to have a closer look at it, that absolutely works for me!