Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MASSIVE POLL -- the beatdown goes on...

Okay, there's no doubt that the bell has rung on the MASSIVE POLL's credibility, given that after 7 days, in spite of relentless hounding, we were unable to beat any backup data or explanation of the poll's methodology out of its supporters. And no, "Duh... 150,000 households were called..." doesn't make the "methodology" cut. Geez! It's safe to say that the MASSIVE POLL has been completely and utterly, totally and thoroughly discredited, and lies in flaming ruins.

However, there's always someone who wants to run back into the inferno to save the family goldfish, as Lifeshite ably demonstrated with its retaliatory article about the MASSIVE POLL yesterday. But "Pro-abortion bloggers!" and "blatant media bias!" unfortunately don't make up for backup data which is the only thing that might possibly prove the poll's legitimacy. It's not much to ask -- it's the same information that comes with any legitimate poll, massive or not.

But unlike last week's news about the massive poll, which was feverishly blog-bursted, not many conservative bloggers seem interested in picking up yesterday's news about how "blatant media bias" sunk the poll. In fact, some of them are a little torqued about the controversy around the MASSIVE POLL, and they want answers. From FD:

Wow! Phew. Good synopsis of the MASSIVE POLL scandal there, including links to the clips from the Counsell show that buckets posted. Good questions. Now stand back, here's the first response:

To "shorter" that response: "But Mom, THEY (and their activist judges) DID IT FIRST!!!" D'oh!