Saturday, July 05, 2008

Helmets on!

Heads up, troops, we've got incoming!!!
"We, the youth of CLC, are starting a novena to St. Joseph petitioning for the conversion of Henry Morgentaler and all other supporters of the culture of death..."
Oh shit! Another prayer assault! Mayday! Mayday!

The prayer salvo was preceeded by a volley of hard-packed bullshit bullets from Campaign Life Coalition (s/shot via SUZANNE):

Dr. Morgentaler has terminal cancer and 2 weeks to live!??? That must come as a surprise to Dr. Morgentaler. It should also surprise anyone who's ever actually been in the presence of someone dying of cancer with 2 weeks to live -- such people are hardly up to the task of making a phone call, let alone holding a press conference. What's not surprising is that CLC is bullshitting... again.

But why? Why the sudden change of gears away from the Order of Canada issue? Is this some kind of damage control? Is this supposed to mitigate fetus fetishist anger towards the PMO? Why? Is there something else going on here?