Saturday, July 05, 2008


I guess things have slowed down a little over at "Free Mark Steyn", so in response to recent events (*cue sound of popping corks*), that blog's creators have a shiny new bloggy product up and running. Done in FMS's link-intensive style (which I personally quite like), it's cunningly named "UnAborted" (I read "UnAbomber" at first glance -- ack!). "UnAborted" is a specialty blog that focuses on one issue -- Dr. Henry Morgentaler's Order of Canada -- and compiles links to the shriekiest of Right Blogistan's moaning, groaning, peaking and freaking on the subject. And funny cartoons!

So if you're wondering what right-wingnuts and fetus fetishists are saying about this particular issue but can't be bothered throwing on the hip waders to plod through their aggregators and message boards, check out UnAborted -- your one-stop Outrage Shop! But do it soon... next week might be too late!