Monday, July 07, 2008

It's because they lie, Dr. Dawg...

...all the time, day-in-and-day-out, constantly, unceasingly, unstoppably, inexorably, lies without end, amen. "Pro-life" is synonymous with "lying", or might as well be.

One of the reasons I love Dr. Dawg is that he gives everyone a chance. At Dawg's Blawg, even the most drooling, slackjawed, spittle-flecked right-wing cretins at least get a chance to make their idiotic cases, and he'll respond to them as if they had something worthwhile to say. (I should point out, though, that I love the CC consortium for the opposite reason -- the swiftly unerring way they target and nuke the stupid and self-righteous is a thing of beauty.)

But back to the Good Doc. He was engaged in the comments of his post about Dr. Morgentaler's Order of Canada by Deborah Gyapong, one of the gasping, crotch-sniffing pearl-clutchers we affectionately refer to as "fetus fetishists". The same comment was also published as a post at her blog. Dawg responds.

Someone as honest as Dr. Dawg may wonder why engaging anti-choicers is such a byzantine process of posts and counter-posts, comments that appear as posted, comments that disappear down the memory hole, comments that don't appear at all, and accusations of him having done the same. Well, it's simple -- because they lie. All the time. Constantly. And the propagation of those lies takes priority over any actual discussion. They are first and foremost propagandists, and even debunking their lies won't stop them... they just carry as if nothing's happened. Not that I'm comparing them to Nazis, but Joseph Goebbels would certainly be proud of this kind of tenacity.

Know that, Dr. Dawg, and you know what kind of playing field you're on when you engage these people. And why CC is right.