Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Massive Poll -- Bizarro World

The strange and twisted saga of the MASSIVE POLL continues -- raising eyebrows, and suspicion, in unexpected places:

Rabid anti-choicers were reeling after the one-two sucker punch delivered by the Ipsos-Reid and Angus Reid Morgentaler polls that left them stunned, baffled and walking around in circles muttering to themselves. Mayday! Mayday! Clearly they needed help to regroup, and CLC delivered with a MASSIVE NEW POLL that showed 56% opposed the Morgentaler OC. Shouts of ecstasy resounded, until -- you know. That thing. That "credibility" thing. No matter, they've got a big one online and they're not about to throw it back:

Some people just... don't... get it. Okay, time to play "Bizarro World".

Imagine, if you will, a parallel "opposite" universe where a pro-choice Liberal MP has a sibling who's active in organizing and fund-raising for the Liberal Party, but whose actual livelihood is... oh, I don't know, painting hockey helmets, say. Imagine that, in addition to the hockey helmets, this sibling runs a "polling company" of sorts, one with no portfolio, no contact information, basically no proof of its existence. Imagine that this "polling company" is commissioned by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada to conduct a poll on public opinion of the Morgentaler OC appointment, and imagine even further that the results show a healthy majority of approval.

Now imagine the shrieking howls of indignation and outrage from the anti-abortion half-wits. Yeah... that sound about right to you?

ETA - As I mentioned to deBeauxOs in the comments, it's worth noting that my Bizarro world scenario doesn't actually happen in real life because when the reality-based community conducts polls, we tend to go with legitimate pollsters.