Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Massive Poll - the train keeps a-rollin'

Whoops! We may have inadvertently stumbled over something here.

Back here in the comments, timekeeper was able to ascertain that the "Katherine" part of "Allan and Katherine", proprietors of "Laser Designs", is one Katherine Bruinooge, possibly related to anti-choice CPC MP for Winnipeg South, Rod Bruinooge? Yes, she is -- and she's definitely related (married) to Rod's brother, Allan Bruinooge, a Tory party organizer, and self-employed in -- you guessed it -- the laser technology industry.


OK, I have to depart for work now (shit!) but will be back on my break.

Good work, people! Thanks to Eric and timekeeper, who dug up all this new info!

A DAY LATE AND TEN DOLLARS SHORT! From the FD thread, someone desperately tries to salvage the MASSIVE POLL's credibility:

Thanks, but we already knew that 12 hours ago. W00t!