Monday, July 14, 2008

On bullshit and breaks

In marathoning it's called "hitting the wall". I don't know if there's a blogging equivalent, but after 10 days of frenzied blogging in the wake of Dr. M's OC appointment and the barrage of batshit bullshit that followed, I was suddenly exhausted. I couldn't stand to read or even think about one more word of the steaming loads of bullshit being dumped by the "busload" on blogs and in the media over this topic and the tangential abortion issue. I was tired, man.

Normally bullshit is great incentive to blog -- it shouldn't be ignored because there's a chance that some unsuspecting person out there might believe it. Bullshit should be shot down whenever and wherever it's found and its sanctimonious, stupid and self-righteous propagators ridiculed with gusto. But these people are first and foremost propaganda-bots who never budge from their script, even in the face of evidence that contradicts them. In advertising we used to call it "Wearing down their resistance with repetition". The same kind of psychology is at work with anti-abortion propagandists -- knowing full well that the numbers aren't on their side, their only hope is to wear down resistance with an endless loop of lies. To literally exhaust people into seeing things their way.

But it wasn't just the hysterical jabbering of fetus fetishists that was getting to me, it was the entire media circus that played up the "controversy" and "outrage" and the media's distinct anti-choice bias. It wasn't my paranoid imagination -- a perusal of the story through Google shows a 2 to 1 anti-choice bias in the MSM (that obviously doesn't include dubious sources like lifesite and other right-wing nuthouses, or published "letters to the editor"). The Ottawa Citizen's David Warren alone generated numerous shrieking screeds on the topic, culminating with yesterday's hysterical pronouncement that the world is collapsing under the weight of moral decay, and it's all the fault of Dr. Morgentaler and his "gliberal" supporters. Because "moral order is easy to tear down, hard to build":
"While I unburdened myself last week of my contempt for Canada's governess-general, her chief justice, her prime minister and other, undesignated officials -- in the affair of what I have come to call the "Order of Morgentaler" -- I'm not sure the people of Canada have yet been sufficiently condemned, and I will devote this week's column to rectifying that oversight."
Well, you go girl!

Anyway, the break is over and my energy is renewed. I'll mop the floor with Warren later, after I fuel up with caffeine and outrage. Then...
Bring it!