Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spin and the stages of grieving

How about those Morgentaler polls, eh? No, not the freeped-to-shit online polls, I mean the real polls, the phone surveys conducted by actual polling companies (no, "PollDaddy" doesn't qualify). We just knew the Usual Suspects would try to spin the results, it was only a matter of How. Predictably, FD is Spin Central with a thread titled "Most Canadians Support Morgentaler's Prize: Poll", which I read so you don't have to (you're welcome). Okay, stand back, here it comes... spiiiiinnnnn!

The Bad News is posted, to stunned and horrified silence
. The first commenter in the thread wonders when the spin will begin:

And faster than you can say "zoom zoom", the beanie propellers are spinning at redline and so are their owners. But nobody can deny the results of a genuine, non-freepable Ipsos-Reid poll, so the grieving process begins, as it always does, with DENIAL:

As the desperation grows, the BARGAINING begins:

And finally, ACCEPTANCE:

Errr maybe not:

There's always one, eh?