Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Truth Nazi says: "No truth for you! NEXT!!!"

Can't say I'm surprised by this development. After all his heh-hehing and ooh-oohing yesterday about how he'd make the National Intelligence Estimate report public, Bush has reneged on that promise. GASP! What?! The white house has now decided to declassify only those portions of the report that don't prove beyond a shadow of doubt what an unmitigated fucking disaster the war in Iraq is, and how it's practically guaranteed that America will be attacked again, the only variables being when and with what. The excuse for not releasing the full report is that it would jeopardize the lives of the agents who gathered the information. Hmm, jeopardizing the lives of agents didn't seem to be a big deal when the bush administration outed Valerie Plame as a CIA covert-op. Kind of a U-turn? But maybe that's what they mean when they say "adapting to win".

In spite of all the noise george made at his press conference yesterday about declassifying the report, I (and probably millions of others) knew that even as he uttered the words, his mind was racing ahead to what excuses he'd use today for not declassifying it. The truth is, when the administration took a look at the report they probably shit their collective pants and cried "We are FUCKED!" What to do, what to do. Of course -- just release the good parts of the report: "only 500 people killed last week instead of the usual 800", that kind of thing? Andrew Sullivan has seen the portion of the report that the administration deigned to declassify, and he calls it "an excrutiating read". Even with all the really bad shit left out, it certainly doesn't sound good.