Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Conda-LIEza speaks.

The white house matinee for today was "Lie Hard XXXVIII", starring Condoleeza Rice. Georgie didn't mount a good enough defense today against Clinton's 100% true accusations that the Bush administration was asleep at the wheel for 8 months before 9/11 and didn't even try to go after al qaeda. So later this morning, Condi rushed to the rescue, unloading a steaming pile of bullshit to fend off the baying dogs of the press. Condi says the Bush administration pursued al qaeda aggressively, and that "what we did was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceeding years". She even denied that the Bush administration was left a comprehensive antiterrorism strategy by the outgoing Clinton administration, an outright lie.

Too bad it's already well-documented that former antiterrorism chief Richard Clarke came to the Bush administration with an antiterrorism strategy as soon as they took over the white house. It just wasn't a high priority -- it was a "Clinton idea" so they weren't interested. Clarke tried for months to get the administration to discuss terrorism, even being told at one point by then Attorney-General John Ashcroft "I don't want to hear about this (terrorism) any more." When he finally was able to get the administration to discuss terrorism, when Clarke referred to al qaeda, Condi said ...


Obviously the bush administration is trying to lie its way out of the damning truth. Now what we need is more people like Richard Clarke to come forward in the next few days and refute these lies and keep people on the right track. Maybe the best weapon against all the "we'll keep you safe" propaganda is the fact that the Bush administration had its chance to keep America safe and they blew it.