Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Georgie speaks: "Dancing in the end zone"

Georgie's got a brand new bag, or so he'd have Americans believe.

Bush just gave what will probably be his final press conference before the midterm elections. I don't even have to look at my notes to summarize: it was mostly about Iraq, defining new goals, listing "accomplishments" (whether real or imagined is up for debate), reminding people that it's an ideological conflict between those who love freedom and those freedom-hating terrorist bastards, and that if the US leaves Iraq, the terrorists will follow and launch new attacks. In your back yard. The bush administration may not be staying the course, but Georgie's speech writers certainly are.

Certain words have obviously been declared verboten, and are replaced by more voter-friendly substitutes. "Stay the course" is now known as "not leaving til the job is done". "Timetable" will henceforth be referred to as "benchmarks". There are some new buzzwords: "flexibility", "adapting" and "changing tactics". The most amusing one, used 3 or 4 times, was "the stakes" -- as in "Americans know The Stakes"-- an obvious reference to the GOP's recent fear-mongering commercial called "The Stakes". (In advertising this strategy is called "image transfer": references in one medium that recall an ad in a different medium and increase the impact of both. How fucking slick.) New day, new buzzwords, same bullshit.

Bush made a lot of noise about how the democrats are prematurely ejaculating over a midterm victory, "dancing in the end zone" as he so eloquently put it, with the media and polls showing them well ahead. "They're dancing in the end zone, but they haven't made the touchdown!" So confident are the democrats, according to George they're even measuring the windows of their post-November 7 offices for new curtains. But Georgie isn't worried, he knows "deep in his heart" that the republicans will win. They've got the campaign workers out there, getting out the vote. They're organized. They've got enthusiasm. They've got Diebold. Let those democrats dance in the end zone -- we're gonna win.

A couple of reporters tried to call Bush out on some of the many contradictory statements he's made. David Gregory seemed especially pissed off, asking Bush why Americans should believe that his "rhetorical games" were anything more than pre-election campaigning. Good question. But for all his incompetence in other areas, one thing George is good at is going off on tangents and giving non-answers to questions.

In short, it was all just another steaming load of bullshit energetically shovelled by George W Bush, as election day draws ever nearer. Georgie's own little boogaloo in the end zone, with the touchdown to be made in impeachment hearings.