Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Evangelical Schools ordered to give kids real education

The last few years, the religious nutcases have been coming out of the woodwork and starting to throw their weight around, and nowhere more than in the education system. A couple of years ago, the whackjobs in Kansas wanted to add creationism to the science curriculum. The Science fucking curriculum. If these people want their kids to learn about creationism, that's what sunday school is for; creationism shouldn't be anywhere near a science class. And the wingnuts didn't stop there. No, when they couldn't get creationism taught in science classes (science classes!), they wanted all the books about evolution labelled with disclaimer stickers that said "evolution was only a theory". Unlike creationism, which is sound science. And as for sex education, it's "abstinence-only": "Good morning class, keep your pants on, class dismissed". The religious nutbars don't want anything taught about what might happen if the pants somehow come off (the wind might blow them off, for example), so these kids go out into the world with raging hormones and no idea how to use a safe or the pill. Great idea! Is it any wonder the so-called "red states" have the highest rate of teenage pregnancies?

Red state USA isn't the only place where religious nutjobs are flexing their muscles (the ones in their heads). They're here in the great white north, too, and since the election of an extremist conservative government, their whining is growing ever louder. So I loved seeing the story today about how the Quebec Ministry of Education ordered evangelical schools to stop fucking around and start teaching, including Darwinism and sex education, or shut down. The schools were teaching a "bible-based" curriculum which would result in the students' diplomas not being recognized anywhere in Canada. "We offer a curriculum based on a christian world view, rather than humanistic world view", said the administration committee chairman of one of the schools. Wonderful! So how will these kids get into university with the equivalent of a Grade 5 education? When they graduate from "evangelical school", they'll be bible-beating burger flippers. So Hurray for the Quebec Ministry of Education for bitch-slapping the bible thumpers. Although come to think of it, keeping them ignorant, stupid and working in low-tier jobs might not be such a bad idea. We've seen what happens when they become civil servants.